​Beaver Lake Yacht Club Launch Site

Rules and Procedures

(BOD review March 2016)


The Beaver Lake Yacht Club (BLYC) has established rules for the use of its launch site to:

- Ensure the safety of BLYC members
- Decrease the chance of introducing damaging exotic species into the lake
- Respect the rights of neighboring property owners

 The Rear Commodore is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the site.

Beaver Lake Yacht Club assumes no responsibility for property damage or loss and/or
injury on BLYC property and facilities.  All persons using said launch site and parking areas do so at their own risk.  Members shall hold BLYC harmless for any loss, damage or injury to the property of members, guests or service providers.


Use of the launch site ramp and pier is restricted to:

- BLYC members with dues paid.
- Boat launching services privately contracted by BLYC members.
- BLYC approved shore service providers/barge companies.

Launch site hours are from one hour after sunrise until sunset. Gate access codes have been assigned to each member. Lending or unauthorized use of a gate access code is prohibited. Guests of members are not permitted to launch boats at the BLYC site.
If a member loses their access code or the electronic lock is inoperable, a board member may open the gate. Any watercraft must be out of the water for at least seven (7) days or have been pressure washed, prior to launching.


Vehicles and trailers are permitted on the launch property (within the gated area) only during actual launch or take out and must be confined to the gravel area. There is no parking at the launch site within the gated area except as needed for launching and retrieving boats. No parking of vehicles or trailers is allowed on adjoining residents’ properties, including lawns and driveways. No boats may be serviced at the launch site.
All ingress and egress to the launch site should be made from the east. The road to the west of the launch site is private. Mooring at the BLYC launch site is prohibited except during launch and take out.

Special use of the launch site must be Board approved.
For safety reasons, no boats or barges are to be launched while children are attending sailing school. Use of BLYC equipment such as buoys, flags etc. is restricted to appointed judging teams and sailing school instructors, unless authorized by the Rear Commodore.

Violation of these rules by a member shall, at the discretion of the Board of Directors and/or the Commodore, will result in the termination of the member’s privileges.

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