Beaver Lake Yacht Club 
PO Box 213
Hartland, WI 53029

For Sale:  Orange Hobie Mirage Adventure 2007, built for speed,
rarely used, stored inside, fully equipped and in excellent condition.
Asking $1100.00.  Contact Jessica Foley at 262-367-0884 or 262-391-9656


We are renting our 4 bedroom home on Beaver Lake in the Swallow School District. We would like to rent 9/18 - 5/19.

Please call or email Carolyn Duris for additional information.

847-334-1600     email:

A Shore Station. Please call Cathy Liebert: 262-490-9644

Have a boat, pier, or lift to sell?

‚ÄčEmail webmaster:

1987 Butterfly Sailboat: Asking $500 OBO

White hull with sky blue top, striped blue sail and stored here in our barn for more than 20 years! Our sails are stored in the house. Contact Dennis or Jessica Foley at 262-367-0884. Or email:,  or

(We have an aluminum lift here for it, which could be included with the sale if anyone wanted to move it.)

We are looking for a used pontoon boat for Beaver Lake - any length, any options. If you are interested in selling your boat, please contact Carolyn Duris

             847-334-1600                  email: