A. There shall be three (3) classes of membership:  General Membership - Social Membership - Sailing

     Participation Membership.

B.  All classes of membership shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  Any member may suggest a

      person for membership in any class by submitting in writing to the Commodore. It shall be the

      responsibility of the Commodore to consider all prospective members and initiate only favorable

      recommendations to the Board of Directors.  In the event of an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of

      the Board of Directors, the Commodore shall extend an invitation to a prospective member.

C. General membership eligibility shall be limited to Beaver Lake residents or Beaver Lake property owners.

     The children of any member under the age of twenty-six (26 years) shall have privileges as the Director

     shall, from time to time determine. This class will include two types of memberships:

          1. “Household  Membership”: For all residences which include more than one person.  
          2. “Individual Membership”:  For a single person having no children living at home.

D. Social Membership eligibility shall be open to former general members and the       

     children of general members.  They shall have all rights and privileges of general members except:

            1.  They have no Launch site privileges.
            2.  Voting eligibility of all Social Members shall be reviewed annually by the Board.
            3.  Maximum of one (1) seat on the Board may be filled by a Social Member.

E. Sailing Participation Membership eligibility shall be open to non-lake resident adults interested in

    participating in sailing as either household or individual members as defined in Article I (C). They shall

    have all rights and privileges of general members except:

             1. Privileges subject to “BLYC launch site rules and procedures”, and limited to sailing vessels

                 participating in sanctioned events, scheduled practices or at times approved by the BLYC

                 board only. Sailing members are not provided with gate access codes.
             2. Voting eligibility of all Sailing Participation Members shall be reviewed annually by
                  the Board.
              3. Maximum of one (1) seat of the Board may be filled by a Sailing Participation

F. Only members of good standing, shall participate in club functions.  Guest privileges may be extended on

    such occasions as the Board of Directors determine.

G. The Dues of the membership shall be as follows:

            1. General Membership;
                Household Dues shall be established by the Board of Directors annually.
                Individual Dues shall be one half of the Household dues.
            2. Social Membership dues shall be 1/3 the amount of General Membership dues - both
                household and individual.
            3. Sailing Participation Membership dues shall be the same as General Membership
                dues - both household and individual.
            4. Service Charges, Initiation Fees, or any other charges deemed essential for the
                operation of the BLYC shall be assessed at the discretion of the Board of
                Directors. There will be NO Initiation Fee charged to the children of members in good
                standing, becoming of age and applying for membership prior to their twenty-sxith birthday.
            5. New members admitted to membership after August 1st of any year shall pay
                membership fees equal to one half (1/2) of the regular annual membership fees of
                their class of membership for that year only.

H. Any member may be expelled for just cause by an affirmative vote of six (6) of the seven (7) directors.

     Any member in arrears for payment of annual dues after July 1, shall be automatically suspended.


A. Each household membership shall be entitled to two (2) votes, voting personally, at any membership

     meeting or two (mail) ballots for the election at the annual meeting.

B. Each individual membership shall be entitled to one (1) vote, voting personally, at any membership

     meeting or one (mail) ballot for the election at the annual meeting.          

C. Ballots cast by mail for election at the annual meeting are to be sealed, with signature
     on the outside of sealed envelope, and must be received by the BLYC Secretary
     personally or by mail,  twenty-four (24) hours prior to the set time of the annual meeting. The BLYC

     Secretary will hold all sealed ballots as received until the time for voting.  The sealed ballots will be

     opened and counted, or returned to the member whose signature appears on the envelope, if he/she

     personally presents themself at the time of voting.

D. There shall be no other proxy vote privilege at the annual meeting.


The Board of Directors shall set rules annually.  These rules shall be available on the website and posted at the launch site.


A. The date of the annual meeting of the members of the BLYC shall be set by the Board of Directors.

     Twenty-five (25) voting members shall constitute a quorum.  The purpose of the meeting shall be to elect

     directors and to consider proper business and the presentation of trophies.

B. Special meetings of the members may be called by the Commodore, or at the written
     request to the secretary of any twenty-five (25) voting members.

C. Notice of the time of all meetings of the members shall be given by the Secretary to
     the members at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of said meeting.  

D. Ballots will be available on the BLYC website, at said meeting or mailed to a member if

     requested of the Secretary in writing ten (10) days in advance of said meeting.

E. The Board of Directors shall hold a meeting immediately following the annual membership
     meeting for the purpose of electing the officers.  Other meetings of the directors shall be
     held at such time and place as shall be designated by the Commodore.


A. The management and control of the BLYC shall be by the Board of Directors consisting of seven (7)

     voting members.  Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting to serve a three (3) year term, may

     serve a consecutive three year term and cannot be re-elected to the Board for a period of one year after

     said second consecutive term has expired. Terms of duty on the Board will be staggered thereby giving

     continuity to the Board. Should it be necessary to replace a director whose term has not expired, a new

     director shall be elected at the next annual meeting to serve their remaining part of the original three-year

     term.  A director elected to fulfill the unexpired term of another director may serve one additional

     consecutive term and then must remain off the Board of Directors for one (1) full year

     after completing his/her own three year term.  In the case of tie votes, the nominees shall

     draw lots to determine the successful nominee or nominees.

B. The immediate Past Commodore automatically becomes a non-voting member of the
     Board of Directors for one year if his/her three year term on the Board has expired.

C. The Board of Directors may appoint additional Special Directors to the Board who will be       

     non-voting members of the Board.


A. A slate of candidates for a three (3) year term shall be nominated and approved by a majority

     of the Board of Directors.  Additional candidates to fill unexpired terms shall be added to the slate as

     needed.  Said slate of candidates for the Board of Directors shall be placed on a ballot and all BLYC

     members will be notified at least two (2) weeks prior to the annual meeting.  Sufficient room is to be left

     on the ballot for write-in votes.

B. Additional nominations to the slate can be made from the floor at the annual meeting.

C. Absentee ballots will be available to all voting members in good standing by the
     Secretary with approval of the Treasurer.  Ballots are to be gathered and counted by two (2)
     voting members in good standing, not directors or nominees, appointed by the
     Commodore at the time of voting.  A cross check tabulation must be made with no
     difference in totals, before announcements of the results.  All ballots, including mail
     ballots, tally sheets, etc. are to be kept by the Secretary for no less than 30 days after the
     date of balloting, and they shall be available for examination by any member in good


A. Officers of the Club shall be as follows:            
        -Vice Commodore
        -Rear Commodore

B. Such officers shall be elected by directors immediately after the annual meeting
     and shall take office immediately thereafter.  They shall hold their office for one (1)
     year and until their successors are elected.  Vacancies may be filled during the year by
     the Board of Directors.  No Commodore shall hold office for more than two
     consecutive years, and all officers shall be members of the Board.

C. The Commodore shall have general charge of BLYC.  He or she shall preside
     at all meetings, appoint committees, and generally conduct the affairs of BLYC,
     except as herein otherwise provided.

D. The Vice Commodore shall assist the Commodore and shall perform the duties
     of the Commodore in his or her absence and shall be Chairman of the Trophy

 E. The Rear Commodore shall be responsible for all physical property of BLYC.
     He or she shall have all buoys and markers available for races, and shall be responsible for all other

     equipment necessary for the sailing of races, including starting signals, flags, cannon shells, etc.  He or

     she shall be a member of the Race, Rules and Regatta Committee.

 F. The Secretary shall keep a record of all BLYC members. He or she shall        
     attend all meetings of the BLYC and shall keep accurate minutes of such meeting.

 G. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and money of BLYC and shall keep an  
      accurate account thereof.  The Commodore shall approve all purchases under $500 and all purchases

      over $500.00 must be authorized by the Board of Directors in advance, and
      the invoice must be approved for payment by the Board of Directors.

 H. The Board of Directors may provide for such other and additional officers as may be
      necessary in their judgment.


A. Race, Rules and Regatta Committee shall be appointed by the Commodore and shall   
     include the fleet captains, X-boat and OPTI representatives, the Rear Commodore and
     such others as the Commodore may designate.  This Committee shall outline a Racing

     Schedule and determine all Racing Rules applicable.  Each year, this committee or the

     respective Fleet captains shall conduct a meeting of all Skippers to propose amendments
     and changes to Racing Rules.

B. This Committee shall have complete charge of all Regattas and shall set rules and
     directions as they may deem necessary in conducting a Regatta.


The Commodore may appoint a Sailing School Committee.  This Committee shall be responsible for hiring a sailing instructor, setting the sailing school schedule, determining fees and any other duties deemed appropriate by the Race, Rules and Regatta Committee.


The Commodore may appoint an Appeals Committee. The Appeals Committee shall review any decisions of the race judge and shall affirm, reverse, or otherwise modify the decisions of the race judge.  The decision of this Committee shall be final except that, if appropriate, a decision may be appealed to the appropriate committee of the W.Y.A, I.L.Y.A. or U.S. Sailing.


 A.The Vice Commodore may appoint a committee.

 B.This Committee shall have charge of obtaining and maintaining suitable trophies.  This Committee shall

     provide the Secretary with a record of all trophies and persons holding the same from time to time, and

     shall be in charge of presenting trophies at the annual presentation meeting.



 The Board of Directors shall annually appoint delegates and alternate delegates to the W.Y.A. and I.L.Y.A


The Commodore shall designate such other Committees and appoint members thereof as may be necessary and convenient from time to time.


 The Corporation shall have a fiscal year commencing September 1.



These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Voting Members.  No amendment shall be made unless a quorum of voting members is present at a meeting or unless notice of such proposed amendment is given in the notice calling the meeting.


Any director elected as such by members at the annual meeting, who shall miss two (2) successive meetings of the Board, or three (3) meetings in one (1) fiscal year, may be dropped from the Board of Directors and his office declared vacant by the Board, unless said Board deems his absence excusable.


Beaver Lake Yacht Club 
PO Box 213
Hartland, WI 53029

​​​​By Laws of the Beaver Lake Yacht Club, Inc.

(Approved September 2016)